jongin in pain after one of their overdose recordings


just a reminder that korea is still far behind the rest of the world in regards to accepting and condoning homosexuality. being lgbtqia in korea is as close to taboo as it’ll ever be, and still frowned upon, believe it or not, regardless of how many other countries are beginning to embrace gay culture. the majority of people in korea continue to live by strict korean (and religious) values; values that are not accepting of homosexuality.

so to post comments that insinuate homosexual relationships on exo’s instagram photos is tactless, disrespectful, and inappropriate. shipping exo pairings in the privacy of your fandom is perfectly fine. we all do it, trust me. but we ship members for our own enjoyment. and this applies to all korean celebrities; not just exo.

homosexuality is a sensitive topic. people have been bullied, beaten, and killed in past and recent years because they were brave enough to come out. that has been the case in several other countries, not just korea, but doesn’t make it any more acceptable to disrespect a culture (especially one that lags socially & culturally so far behind the rest). ignorance is no longer a legitimate excuse.

continue and abuse your right to comment on the boys’ photos, why don’t you? their impressions of the fandom are sure to benefit. it’s time to grow up and put your brains to good use. otherwise, the internet is a better place without you.

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let’s get something straight, shall we? the term “sasaeng” is not one that should be used loosely or flippantly. sasaeng “fans” are those who deliberately invade the privacy of idols and intentionally cause them harm. they’d be better categorized as stalkers or sociopaths. for them, stalking and obsessing over korean celebrities serves no direct purpose. sasaengs do these things simply for the sake of doing them (and/or identify as anti-fans, in which case their actions and motivations are strictly in the name of self-satisfaction).

over the course of these past few months and particularly in recent days due to exo-m’s schedule in california, i have seen several fans refer to candid photos of the boys as photos taken by sasaengs. it’s irritating to see the word “sasaeng” being used so regularly by those ignorant of its true meaning. yes, there are those who are over-bearing enough to follow exo-m around los angeles, but there is no reason they should be equated with sasaeng fans. admiration and overzealous reactions are to be expected of fans who get the opportunity to see/meet their favorite idols in real life. 

sasaeng fans are sadistic. they have no boundaries, no morals, and no second thoughts about breaching the privacy and safety of the boys we look up to day after day. please don’t be so quick to call just anyone a sasaeng fan. the terms carries more negative a connotation than most realize. not sure where i was planning on going with this, but i just felt the need to clarify. thanks for reading.

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